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Though much of Lee’s time is spent editing articles for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, she also contributes stories of her own. Here are some of her recent and/or favorite articles.


Decades in the making: special section 

From meat boycotts to recessions, low-fat diets to farmers markets and restaurants, our mealtime choices — and options — tell a story.

Poetry kept this baker from being incarcerated

A longtime baker reflects on immigration and the sometimes tumultuous world of the hospitality industry.

An unexpected guest arrives at the dinner table of a family celebration

When a family gathered to celebrate a special occasion, the dinner table was the place to be.

Morels and more: Tips on hunting for Minnesota’s ‘untamed’ mushrooms

A new book on regional “Untamed Mushrooms” focuses on 13 edible ones that are easy to identify.

American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis celebrates beauty of ‘101 Bowls’

Everyone has to eat, and it’s often from the humblest of objects. Artists have celebrated the form for centuries.

Beyond farmers markets: Falcon Heights food hub helps growers sell produce

Farmers who need help selling their fruits and vegetables have found an ally at the Good Acre, a food hub focused on low-income and immigrant farmers.

 The grapes of wrath, Minnesota-style

A New York Times article says “Grape Salad” is Minnesota’s quintessential Thanksgiving recipe. Minnesotans beg to differ.


Picky eater in the bunch? You are not alone

Despite best laid plans to feed our children well, some of them have their own point of view. And it’s not necessarily ours.

Can a bowl of ramen change your life?

A recent trip to Japan opened the eyes of this food writer to an appreciation for the complexity — and simplicity — of the recipe more often viewed in the U.S. as merely a snack.

The long, hungry winter of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Forty degrees below? Storm after storm? Months without respite from the cold? Sounds familiar. But at least you could get to the grocery store.