Lee Svitak Dean was the longtime food editor at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, where she shepherded the Taste section to multiple James Beard awards — including one of her own — and to national awards from the Association of Food Journalists, as well as a regional Emmy.

She has brought her editorial skills to a wide variety of award-winning nutritional posters that are intended to educate school children and others.

Above all, Lee loves words — hers and others — wherever they appear, whether in books (two of them as author), articles (more than 2,000 to her name) or, yes, posters (16 of the most kid-friendly visuals you’ve ever seen).

And she loves to cook, as a food writer should.

In her spare time, Lee is a serious urban gardener, whose claim to fame is as the recipient of the Greening Award through the Downtown Council of the City of Minneapolis (find her outdoor efforts on Instagram at @urbangardeningmpls). How do you make concrete beautiful? Add flowers and trees.